Quantum Futures


Quantum Futures provide talent solutions to VC/PE backed start-ups, global enterprises, and government bodies to enable them to build and scale world-class quantum computing teams in their chosen time frames. We help resolve talent acquisition challenges by working in close partnership with each organisation to determine the very best way for them to reach their desired outcome with the specific talent that they need at the right time

Our Philosophy

Quantum computing has evolved from theoretical conversation to becoming reality. The technology landscape has always moved fast, but when quantum computing is brought to the masses, the tech world as we know it will change forever.

Since our inception, we have strived to contribute towards a sustainable quantum future. We support, advise and guide next generation organisations and individuals working within Quantum Computing and those who are looking to move from academia. We also help with career advice for those who want to utilize transferable skill sets into the Quantum Industry and those individuals wanting to start or move back to academia.

We have pledged to build awareness of quantum computing through consultations, inclusive community connections, government initiatives, programs, academia and establishing close, respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We champion diverse and inclusive companies that are better able to recruit and retain the top talent, have a more engaged workforce, and foster more innovation and creativity. Many are fighting to make up for lost time after decades of bias and discrimination in their hiring process.

With the emergence of Quantum, we have a chance to remove any bias or discrimination from the outset of a hiring process. At Quantum Futures, we drive an inclusive approach to both talent acquisition and community cultivation.

We are here to ensure positive inclusivity remains a core value of the quantum computing industry.

Global Reach

The reach of quantum computing knows no geographical borders for the technology, organisations or individuals involved in it.

From National Government Initiatives, Start-Ups, Venture Capitalists and Management Consultancies to Leading Universities and established companies, the multi-lingual team at Quantum Futures has extensive experience working with Quantum organisations across the globe in continents such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.


Software / Applications:

  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Error Correction
  • Quantum Control Systems
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Quantum Annealing
  • Quantum Compilers


  • Superconducting Qubits
  • Ion Traps
  • NV Centres
  • Photonics, Silicon Photonics
  • AMO
  • Neutral Atoms


  • QRNG
  • QKD