Quantum Futures


Quantum Futures is a consultancy built specially to grow the Quantum Computing world. Since our inception, we have strived towards a sustainable quantum future through partnering with the next generation organisations to identify, engage and deliver pioneering talent.  

Our Philosophy

Quantum computing has evolved from theoretical conversation to becoming reality. The technology landscape has always moved fast, but when quantum computing is brought to the masses, the tech world as we know it will change forever.  

Quantum Futures has been established to support and guide the next generation organisations through what will be one of the most rapidly changing areas of computing.   

We have pledged to build awareness of quantum computing through consultations, inclusive community connections, and establishing close mutually beneficial partnerships.

Global Reach

The reach of quantum computing has no borders and neither should your company

Quantum is changing the shape of computing all over the world, but it can be all too easy for companies to fall into the trap of localised recruitment. 

To ensure your company's growth is just as international as your industry reach, we have specialist consultants focused on growing our community and finding your ideal candidates through their network of global connections and relationships. 

As the quantum computing industry grows, so will we, ensuring that no matter where in the world you are, your hiring strategy always finds the best people for the job.

Diversity and Inclusion

Quantum computing is the future and the future is diverse

Industries thrive with diversity. Diverse and inclusive companies are better able to recruit and retain the top talent, have a more engaged workforce, and foster more innovation and creativity. But many are fighting to make up lost time after decades of bias and discrimination in their hiring process.

With the emergence of Quantum, we have a chance to ensure no bias or discrimination from the outset. At Quantum Futures, we drive an inclusive approach to both talent acquisition and community cultivation, actively seeking diverse perspectives to share on our blog. 

We are here to ensure positive inclusivity remains a core value of the quantum computing industry.