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Boston, USA


Looking for a talented Quantum Application Engineer to develop and work with advancing a neutral-atom quantum computing system.

Quantum Application Engineer


Up to €100,000

You will be overseeing the entire life cycle of their products and services. Also, you will be collaborating closely with customers and systems to define prototypes and lead their implementation as a product owner through the development

Product Manager Quantum Computing

Boston, USA


Looking for a talented AMO Experimental Physicist to develop and work with advancing a neutral-atom quantum computing system.

AMO Physicist


€60,000 - €75,000 + bonus

With experience in electromechanical design of electronic systems alongside thermal simulation, you can be a vital part of the design of a new quantum computing platform. If you have several years of design experience, especially with thermo-electric cooling, it would be great to hear from you.

Senior Electromechanical Engineer


€70,000 - €80,000

Quantum Futures have partnered with a leading full-stack quantum sensing company based in Europe, who are looking to build out their experimental team in a variety of roles as they seek to deliver building state of the art Quantum sensors.
The ideal candidate will have a strong background in physics and mathematics, experience with experimental techniques, and programming skills. As a Quantum Sensing Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and implementing experiments to investigate quantum sensing applications, analyzing data, and collaborating with other researchers.

Optics and Laser Engineer


€70,000 - €80,000

Quantum Futures is partnering with a leading full-stack quantum sensing company in Europe, and they are currently seeking an experienced Optics and Laser Engineer to join their team. You will be working with a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians to develop next-generation quantum sensors for a variety of applications.
The ideal candidate will work on the development of optical systems and will have a strong background in optical simulation software, laser locking, frequency stabilization techniques, and optical component selection for space applications.

Quantum Sensing Engineer

Germany (on-site)

€70,000 - €80,000

Leading quantum computing company seeks Quantum Algorithm Developer to advance their photonic quantum architecture. Responsibilities include designing, optimizing, and implementing quantum algorithms on company hardware, researching quantum error mitigation and correction techniques. Ideal candidate has experience with NISQ and universal quantum algorithms, deep understanding of quantum photonic platform, and proven skills in Python and quantum programming languages. On-site role in Germany, requires PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related field, with background in quantum computing and optics.

Quantum Algorithm Developer


€70,000 - €85,000

Quantum Futures is collaborating with a leading quantum computing firm to hire a Senior 3D Integrated Chip Architecture Engineer. This role offers the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for their superconducting quantum computing architecture, focusing on the design, fabrication, and assembly of quantum devices, along with cryogenic microwave measurements setup. The position demands collaboration with diverse teams to optimize device performance and resolve assembly issues. Ideal candidates should have significant experience in 3D architecture design, quantum chip assembly, microwave engineering, and proficiency in Python, Inventor, and AutoCAD. The job requires on-site presence in various central European locations, including Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Senior 3D Integrated Chip Architecture Engineer

Boston, USA

$130,000 - $180,000

Join a world-reknowned R&D team, and work on the design and validation of photonic integrated circuits for quantum computing operations.

Integrated Photonics Engineer


£60,000 - £90,000

We've partnered with a company commercializing a decade's research from a renowned lab, focused on shaping the future of quantum information systems. They're enhancing quantum computing systems through innovative technologies and integrating novel quantum photonic tech for efficient and scalable quantum networking. As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll contribute to cutting-edge solutions and advance our quantum systems with a multidisciplinary team.

Senior Software Engineer


£60,000 - £70,000

We seek a nanofabrication engineer to enhance our integrated photonics networking technology. Joining our hardware team, you will focus on developing and optimizing nanofabrication processes, including lithography, etching, and deposition, critical for multi-core quantum computing.

Nanofabrication Engineer


£40,000 - £65,000

Join a full-stack quantum computing company, and be responsible for building the control layer integrating many quantum computing nodes into a scalable quantum cluster.

FPGA Engineer

Barcelona, Spain

€60,000 - €70,000

You will work with the Quantum Applications Engineers, Theorists and Control System Engineers to develop the Quantum Operating System. This team will develop internal compilers, runtimes, or programming languages.

Hardware Control Engineer

Barcelona, Spain

€60,000 - €70,000

Experienced in Characterisation, Measurement, and Nanofabrication of Superconducting Quantum Circuits. You will form a vital part of the Hardware team.

Senior Characterisation and Measurement Engineer


€60,000 - €80,000 + bonus

Experienced in specification, design, schematic, simulation and layout of mixed signal circuits, your designs will form a vital part of a novel quantum computing platform. If you have experience with photodetectors, embedded systems and optoelectronics too, we'd love to hear from you.

Senior Mixed Signal Circuit Designer

Stuttgart/Ulm, Germany

€90,000 + bonus

Design innovative quantum architectures using their photonic platform. Understand quantum optical principles, define specifications, develop error mitigation techniques, and stay updated with the latest technological advancements. PhD in Physics/Mathematics, experience in quantum optics, Python proficiency, and collaborative mindset required.

Quantum Architect

Please note: Many of our opportunities, particularly in the US, are retained searches that the client has asked us not to advertise.

If you would like a full run down of our opportunities please get in touch with one of our consultants.


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