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Senior Experimental Scientist

Quantum Futures are looking for a Senior Experimental Scientist with a proven record in superconducting experimental research to join one of the most exciting and innovative quantum hardware companies and push the limits of their experimental approaches.

In this role, you will be focusing on the development of novel methods and the improvement of the existing ones across quantum gates and circuit design, measurements and other experimental processes. You will be driving the research internally, as well as, externally, by representing the company’s ambitious scientific approach and managing external collaborations.

This position is for a Senior Scientist with over 6 years of experience in superconducting circuit design, gate design, simulations and measurements.

This would include:

Microwave control and measurement of superconducting quantum circuits
Data analysis and comparison to theory or numerical simulations
Circuit design and simulation
Quantum gate design and benchmarking
Quantum error correction protocols

This is an onsite role, based in Paris, FR.

If you're interested, please apply below or contact Marietta Giannakakou at


€75,000 - €90,000

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