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Quantum Algorithm Developer

About the Company:

One of the most revolutionary quantum computing companies are looking for their next quantum algorithm developer to explore innovative solutions that will enhance their photonic quantum architecture. 

Job Description:

As part of this role, you will work on the design, optimisation and implementation of quantum algorithms on the company’s hardware devices and investigate quantum error mitigation and quantum error correction techniques.

The ideal candidate will have experience with both NISQ (eg. VQE, QAOA, QML) and universal quantum algorithms (continuous-variable, gated-based, cluster-state, measurement-based), as well as, a good understanding of the principles of the quantum photonic platform. 

Your profile:

  • PhD degree in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related relevant field Background in quantum computing, quantum physics, quantum optics and/ or non-linear optics.

  • Experience developing quantum algorithms for NISQ quantum accelerators (e.g. VQE, QAOA, QML, quantum sampling) and universal quantum computing (continuous-variable, gated-based, cluster-state, measurement-based).

  • Proven programming skills in high-level programming languages, such as Python, as well as, quantum programming languages and SDKs

Join the Team:

If you would like to be part of one of the most exciting quantum research teams in the industry., please apply below or contact Marietta Giannakakou at

Germany (on-site)

€70,000 - €80,000

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