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Senior Characterisation and Measurement Engineer

About the Company:

Quantum Futures is a talent partner for a leading full-stack quantum computing company in Spain and France, which is currently seeking an experienced Senior Characterisation and Measurement Engineer to join their onsite team. 

Job Description:

You would be working with a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians to develop next-generation of Quantum Technology for their gate-based systems and their coherent quantum annealers.

The ideal candidate will work directly on the gate-based Quantum Device to Characterise, Measure and simulate the circuits and qubits. Strong experience in Cryogenics is essential in this role along with RF electronics experience.


  • Work with and lead the Quantum Engineers, Scientists and Control System Engineers to develop their new Quantum Devices. Characterise Quantum Circuits and QPUs as well as work closely with the Algorithms team to run the algorithms on the devices.


  • PhD in Physics, Quantum Computing, Superconducting or Quantum Mechanics with a Quantum Computing Major

  • Extensive experience in the Characterisation and Measurement of Quantum Circuits, Superconducting.

  • Extensive experience with RF Electronics.

  • Experience with Python programming would be highly beneficial.

  • Experience with Cryogenics is desired.

Join the Team:

Apply now by sending your resume and a cover letter detailing your qualifications and interest in the role to

Barcelona, Spain

€60,000 - €70,000

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