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Quantum Characterisation Engineer

Quantum Futures has been retained by an innovative Quantum computing company in Finland who are looking for a Quantum Characterisation Engineer to join their team. As a Hardware Engineer, you will be working closely with a team of scientist to advance their innovative projects.


  • You will be setting up and conduct experiments to characterize the electrical and thermal properties of superconducting/Spin components, employing state-of-the-art measurement techniques and equipment.

  • You will be designing and implement comprehensive characterization protocols for superconducting hardware components.

  • You will be working effectively within cross-functional teams, sharing your expertise and managing projects to ensure successful outcomes.

  • You will be collaborating with the engineering team to develop and implement optimization strategies based on characterization results, with a focus on improving the reliability and efficiency of superconducting hardware.


  • The successful candidate will have a background with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, specific experience in superconductivity, Spin Qubit, cryogenics, and electromagnetic theory.

  • They will have experience with hands-on experience in designing and implementing superconducting/Spin hardware systems.

  • They will have a track record of successful projects involving superconducting materials and devices

  • They will be familiar with cryogenic systems and their design for maintaining superconducting states.

  • Proficient in using electromagnetic simulation tools to model and analyse superconducting systems.

  • Experience with software such as COMSOL, CST Studio Suite, or similar tools.

  • Candidates must be willing to relocate.

A suitable candidate would be interested in moving into start up or full stack companies that push the boundaries of technology. You will be working closely with a team of scientist where you'll receive strong hands-on experience and mentorship. If you have a interest in looking for a new opportunity in the Spin qubit/Superconducting Industry, please get in touch:


€50,000 - €70,000

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