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Photonic Integrated Circuit Engineer

Quantum Futures has been retained by an innovative photonic start-up in the US who are looking for a Photonic Integrated Circuit Engineer to join their team. As a PIC engineer, you will be working closely with a team of scientists to advance their innovative projects to enable them to be market leaders within photonics. You will have the chance to work with a highly skilled team conducting research and development to build fast, low-loss single-photon compatible integrated photonic components for quantum computing applications.

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Senior Quantum Algorithms Researcher

Quantum Futures is partnering with a European quantum company based in Germany looking to build out a new team of Quantum Algorithm Researchers. Responsibilities include designing and researching software/algorithms with their respective quantum partners. Your profile should include Strong experience in Quantum Architectures, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Machine Learning or Quantum Computation and a PhD in a relevant Scientific field. If interested, contact me on LinkedIn or email

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Senior Experimental Scientist

One of the leading quantum hardware company is seeking a Senior Experimental Scientist with over 6 years of experience in superconducting circuit design, gate design, simulations, and measurements. The role involves developing novel methods and improving existing ones across quantum gates and circuit design, measurements, and other experimental processes. The scientist will be responsible for tasks such as microwave control and measurement of superconducting quantum circuits, data analysis and comparison to theory or numerical simulations, circuit design and simulation, quantum gate design and benchmarking, and quantum error correction protocols. The position is based in Paris, France, and requires the candidate to drive research both internally and externally, representing the company's scientific approach and managing external collaborations

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The world is calling out for talent to contribute towards a sustainable quantum future. We support, advise, and guide next-generation organisations and individuals working in quantum and those who are making the leap from academia. 

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In such a rapidly expanding industry with many organisations competing for the same talent at the same time, it can be difficult to identify and attract the talent you require, at the time you require it.

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Our mission is simple; to help the global quantum community grow and scale through the acquisition of the right talent at the right time.  We partner with next-generation organisations to identify, engage, and deliver pioneering talent for a sustainable quantum future.

 The Quantum Industry

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